Interview with Emily Cohen

Q: Can you offer parting words of advice to aspiring creative professionals looking to take their careers to the next level?


– Check your ego at the door – be flexible and humble (we all can learn from others)
– Each client and project is unique
– Honesty works both ways
– Do not be embittered by past relationships, learn, and move on
– Don’t burn bridges
– Under promise and over deliver
– Always return calls – no matter who it is
– Put everything in writing

An Interview with Emily Cohen. Doyenne of the Creative Brief

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  1. While these are all true and good, I wish people would remember to mention things like:

    – Have a food budget. If you’re working late, nothing is better than getting some food delivered. And whoever orders the food is the hero.

    – Make your team and your client laugh. A lot of mistakes can be forgiven and stress alleviated by meeting as people and not just client/vendor.

    – Find reasons to pay compliments. Everyone works their butts off in this business. Find things to be positive about. Sometimes it’s not easy, but try. (This includes clients, too. They like to hear that they’re doing something right.)

    – Nothing helps you get to know your team/co-workers better than an after work drink. Especially if it’s on a patio and everyone can chill. :)