Floater – a different kind of notebook stand


If you connect your notebook computer to a large screen, at work or home, Floater is for you. Close your MacBook pro, connect a keyboard, a screen and a mouse, and you have created a perfect working environment. The Floater is machined from a single block of aluminum, which lends it great stability and optimum cooling power by spreading the heat around. The two small panels around your computer are of minimal height and width, but sufficient to meet the product’s two requirements; to hold your computer perfectly, and to let you set it up as easily as possible.

Floater. A cool idea, pricy though.

(via notcot)

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  1. Nice idea, although I have been lead to believe that using a mac laptop while closed is not a good idea. Apparently the heat generated can damage the screen.

  2. The Floater was mentioned on daringfireball and someone wrote in to suggest this as an alternative:

    It’s not as pretty, but at $40 it’s a hell of a lot cheaper!

  3. Thanks for the link @manxstef. I just ordered one. You might be right about it not being as pretty but I can do a lot with $260. I must have just missed this over on Daring Fireball.
    @Ed I’ve never heard that about the screen. I work with my macBook closed almost all the time with no problems. Apple laptops do get hot but I’m pretty sure this will dissipate heat better than if it were on a flat surface.