slife | visualize your computer activities


Slife is the new awareness browser for the Mac OS X that lets you visualize your computer activities. Trying to be more productive? Wondering where all that time went? Now you can find out!

After just one day of using slife I had to realize I need to shut off my browser and email when I need to get work done. The web is just one BIG timesucker. Swissmiss is guilty as charged.

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  1. Sounds like a very cool tool… but I’m not so sure I want to see how much time I waste web browsing – that might be depressing. :)

  2. Too bad it doesn’t track all applications – only the ones which you installed a plugin for.

  3. If you want to track all applications try ;)

  4. thanks for the nudge, I’m a bit worried about the results I’ll get too, now that mine is set to launch when I turn on my machine

  5. Hi, this is Edison Thomaz from Slife Labs. Thanks for trying the app. Just one correction. Slife DOES track all applications now, you are not limited to the ones you have plugins for. That was one of the big features of the Slife 1.1 release.