broadcasting from knoxville, tennessee

Sean Coon, Mr. Experience Designer Extraordinaire, pulled me into an exciting CMS tool project as the lead interface designer. Lucky me. It’s a pleasure to be working with such talented and smart people like Sean. The client is based in Knoxville Tennessee and that’s where I am broadcasting from right now. (Thank you Holiday Inn Wi-fi!)

After a successful presentation with the client (yay!) Sean and I headed downtown Knoxville to check out Yee-haw Industries. My heartrate went up, in a good way, the minute we walked into this letterpress print shop. I felt like a kid in a candy store! Yee-haw indeed.

The Yee-haw peeps were cool enough to let me walk around the entire shop and take shots. I guess it paid off, as I completely fell in love with this huge YEP/NOPE print, by Bryan C. Baker. I wish I could have bought the entire series.



If you’re ever in the Knoxville area, make sure to pay these guys a visit. They not only sell cool posters, but also lots of fantastic small gift tag cards, tshirts and regular greeting cards. Here are a few of the ones I picked up, as I am a firm believer of stacking cards at home, ‘just in case’…




Yee-haw industries, downtown Knoxville.

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  1. mr. ede has an interesting ring to it. glad you’re on the project, tina! maybe we can find another gem in knoxville…

  2. They do great work. Thanks for the link. Like always swissmiss finding only the best.

  3. They do great work. Thanks for the link. Like always swissmiss finding only the best.

  4. I got a chance to do a workshop with Kevin and Julie this spring at Design Ranch. I’ve been a long time fan of theirs and it was a really cool experience. They brought a bunch of random type with them and we did portraits using the type.

    I can’t wait for an opportunity to tour their shop.