magnetic wrist band


How annoying is it to be working on a project around the house and you keep dropping the screws your using? Or how about those of us that hold nails in our mouth while we are hammering? Definitely not safe. Well this little Magnetic Wrist Bandiconis here to improve home improvement. Simply strap this magnetic tray onto your wrist and the powerful pull of the magnet will hold most hardware, tools and other metallic objects conveniently on your wrist.

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  1. Harkins back to old golfers hawkin these magnetic bracelets around the links and on infomercials. This is a whole new spin.

  2. I love how you post such random stuff that you just find cool. I would never have known about this, if not for your keen judgment!

  3. At first glance I thought it was one of those new wacky designer watches “for the inner handyman” or something like that.
    I even reached the conclusion that it would be ridiculously difficult to deduct the time: “if the rusty nail point towards nine and the….”

    Was kinda relieved when I read the text..

  4. This will surely come in handy when I repair my computer! ;)