The Leonardo Single Bike Hook


In most NYC apartments you’ll find a bike. Yes, a bike. Why you ask? Well, if you leave it on the street over night, it will be disassembled by the time the sun comes up. Unfortunately, the concept bike room doesn’t seem to exist in this part of the world. So, I am thinking, instead of cluttering up your entrance way, why not make it a center piece with this Leonardo Single Bike Hook?

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  1. good simple design.

    BTW, I hate those fake product photos!…
    have you tried to work with your laptop on the bed??? you can’t hold this position more than 5minutes…

  2. Really great item, but it’s too bad they don’t ship it outside US.

    Anyone planning a trip to Switzerland soon ? Any place in your baggages ? :D

  3. This product looks good, but I think Cycloc maybe a better product that does the same job. because the bike is hung horizontally and flat to the wall, not vertically and sticking out from the wall (like the Leonardo Bike Hook) so it can be set lower making it easier to lift a bike on and off the wall – I am no Arnie! Check it out at It comes in four colours, and as far as I know it is also for sale globally. As you have probably spotted from my spelling of color I am posting this from the UK. T, please keep up the good work, I love seeing what knew and wonderful Stateside posts you will share with us all next.

  4. why don’t you just use a $0.99 rubberized hook from home depot?

  5. @DTP

    If you live in Switzerland you can pick up almost the same item at most large hardware stores (Coop Bau+Hobby, Migros Do It + Garden). Many swiss apartments have racks like this built in to the communal bike room.

  6. Damn… I really like that bike !!