Blog O’Fear: The Rules and Etiquette of Blogging


I am thrilled to be part of a panel discussion about The Rules and Etiquette of Blogging at the upcoming NEXT AIGA conference in october. I will be surrounded by much respected fellow bloggers: Allan Chochinov,; William Drenttel, Design Observer; Khoi Vinh, subtraction; and Alissa Walker, UnBeige. The panel will be moderated by Steven Heller.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic:

What’s the future of blogging?

Who is afraid of what the blogosphere has and will become?

What is its role of blogs as a forum for ideas?

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  1. Ooh, right in my backyard! I’ll have to see if my boss will let me attend.

  2. 1. Freedom of the Press
    2. Giving Voice back to ‘The People’
    3. Sharing/Collaboration
    4. Publishing Rights for All
    5. Support/Education/Inspiration/Education
    6. Speed of information
    7. Environmentally responsible
    8. Affordable
    9. Blogs will become the #1 Media

  3. what an honor! you’re a busy mama!
    can’t wait to read about it!

  4. I always wonder how blogging can be used as a ‘scientifically correct’ way to conduct research. What I hope is that blogging will evolve, in some way, to become a medium that can be used as a “scientific” reference.
    I read a lot of interesting toughts and ideas on blogs, but still don’t feel comfortable to cite them as a reference in a publication for the more traditional “scientific journal”.
    Definitely some future for blogs in that direction imho ^

  5. 1) Future :: I’m hoping blogging will continue to create small (and large) communities of people sharing stories and ideas. I like it because for me it is basically just a nice tidy journal easily updated, edited and deleted.
    2) Who’s Afraid :: People who have something to hide.
    3) Role as a Forum :: I think blogging can really be something powerful, but there are still so many folks who are too busy, depending on the nature of their work, to spend lots of time reading or creating a blog. I doubt when I practiced law a million hours a week that I would have read/created a blog. I think there is probably a good portion of highly educated professional people who are essentially bloglivious.

    Anyway, I love your blog and hope that you post about the conference in great detail!