swiss cow bingo


A cow stands on a pitch with 750 fields during a cow-droppings bingo game in Ruswil, near Lucerne, Switzerland, on September 2, 2007. Spectators bet on which field the cows will drop. Image by Sebastian Derungs


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  1. Hell… They didn’t want to believe it exists.

  2. It has even been copied in Luxembourg! :)

  3. Rural american high schools have been doing this for decades. My high school would do this at least once a year. Always hilarious and always painstakingly long.

  4. This is funny. However, waiting for the cow to drop something is definitely gonna take a lot of time, unless they put laxative on the cow’s water.

  5. is this real…wow…funny…people have to uch time on their hands…..

  6. It is a whole lot more fun than your football games!
    We Swiss drink Schnapps and it Bratwurst while we wait!!!!

  7. Ha! In northern Wisconsin they have a version of this where they use chickens and a smaller field. They feed the chickens watermelon and that seems to speed things up!

  8. I totally agree with Thegoatlady!!!! Your fooball stinks!!