The Hug Shirt


The Hug Shirt, a high-tech garment that simulates the experience of being embraced by a loved one. When a friend sends you a virtual hug, your cell phone notifies the shirt wirelessly, via Bluetooth. The shirt then re-creates that person’s distinctive cuddle, replicating his or her warmth, pressure, duration and even heartbeat. And, yes, the Hug Shirt is fully washable.

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  1. honestly, i would just prefer a hug from the model.

    but wouldn’t this freak you out? standing in line at Starbucks & all of a sudden something unseen grips you?


  2. Yeah…I think it’s a sweet idea but what if someone sets it to “Death Hug”?

  3. Good for parents who have to travel for work… send your kids a goodnight cuddle at bedtime. I think it’s sweet.