The People’s 311


The People’s 311 is a public photo pool documenting non-emergency 311 conditions throughout New York City. We encourage citizens to post photos here of dangling traffic signs, illegal advertising, dead or dying street trees and the like, along with their locations. People’s 311 is an unofficial companion to 311 and not a replacement for it. It aims to show the potential of crowdsourcing as a way to help solve selected government problems efficiently.

(via MUG)

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  1. I love it! definitly gracing my bookshelf very soon.

  2. How cool would it be to take that sinkhole and fill it with clear epoxy resin so it’s level again. Do that to several other 311 situations and I see an art project brewing here…

  3. The Uk has a version of this: – less artsy, but actually generates reports which go directly to local councils, and then monitors how well they respond.

  4. This flickr group also goes well to this theme, although more fun oriented, for the gag, not really aimimng for solutions: