aero bed for kids


We just recently purchased this Aero Bed for Kids and it gets two enthusiastic swissmiss thumbs up. It has a large 50-inch by 25-inch sleep surface with a 4- inch surround cushion to make sure the little ones won’t roll out accidentally. It comes with an electric pump for fast, easy inflation. It deflates in no time and folds up for easy storage.

Ella and her friend Tanner were jumping on it for HOURS last night. It’s not only good for sleeping but also comes in handy for practicing those summersaults.

(NOTE: mattress cover is not as pictured – the one swissmiss received had a cheesy stars and moons pattern on it. Yikes)

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  1. Tanner slept like a dream last night! Rolling around with Ella did the trick. The clock struck 7am before I heard a single peep from her!! Hope Ella did the same : )


  2. I just ordered two of these for my 4 year old girls. Do you know if there’s a way to order additional mattress covers? I’ve been searching online for a hour and can’t find anything.