Express Media Reader Card


I can’t believe I haven’t found this earlier: The Belkin Express Media Reader Card fits right into my MacBookPro Express Card slot. It is making downloading pictures from my SD card a breeze. Bye bye cables and external card readers. I love it!(I know, I know, PCs had this for a long time.)

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  1. Hello Swissmiss,
    Indeed, PC’s have had them for a long time, but I still defer to an external reader as the transfer speed seems to be far superior than when using a slot in card caddy like the one you describe.

    Certainly, such a device mean less paraphernalia to cart about, an obvious boon in these gadget-crazy times. But, as I work with a lot of large RAW files, transfer speed is of great importance. So, I just wondered if you have noticed any difference in the speeds yourself?

    BTW, your blog is a daily delight, scrumptious edification for a designer who regularly needs to relieve the pixel-herding boredom! :)
    [ j ]