Hello there, little Potty.


The time has come: we’re entering the world of potty training. Looking at our newly purchased BabyBjörn Potty , sitting in our living room, and Ella not knowing what it’s for yet, I was wondering, why would a company want their logo SO big on an object like this? BabyBjörn in general prints their logo way too big, at least for my taste. I bought your product, yes, which means I most probably like your brand, but don’t hit me over the head every time I use it screaming your name at me. Would I be in the product sector, I would of course print my brand name on my products, but not front center and giant…

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  1. Tina,

    Apple is doing the same with some products, the iMac for example. I hate it too.

    Every car maker does that by putting a big logo on the steering wheel. But in this case cars ar bigger objects, so… I don’t know.

  2. Tina, I completely disagree with big-bold-centered logos, but in this case, I believe they make it that way to bring the kiddo’s attention, and make it some how a friendly and fun to use potty trainer. May be that’s why the little bear is so big.

  3. I have four of these sitting in my living room. This weekend is a potty party! (Crash course in potty training). It’s going to be a long weekend.

  4. Maybe that’s because a baby can’t read small letters yet, but absolutely has to memorize the brand for future consumer activity ;)

  5. My children have had hundreds of hours for the “AVENT” logo to be imprinted on them as infants while drinking out of their bottles.

    I’ve had countless hours to watch them, and wonder if the AVENT logo will have a strange subconscious calming effect on them the rest of their lives.

    For those of you not up to your ears in baby gear, you can see the logo here: