pop-out 3D cards


Pop-out 3D cards to make and colour in if you wish.

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  1. This appears to be a really terrific product (it certainly is a terrific idea). When you take a close look at the business entity, however, it has all the markings of a scam:

    – Domain is privacy protected by TuCows.

    – There’s no information about where the business is located or any kind of physical contact info.

    – There’s no detail on what you’ll get for your $9 other than the claim of “4 cards”.

    – There’s no info on delivery times.

    – The PayPal account creation has an origination marker of Singapore.

    Sorry, but this raises all my consumer protection red flags.



  2. Good observations, but as someone else has pointed out on the Trendthink site, this site is linked to a personal website of Jonanthan Yueng, in Singapore. I think it probably is genuine.

  3. he is totally legit i got a couple of the cards they are not as big as you think but if you have people that appreciate design they are definetly worth it

  4. Hello,

    It is a small passion project I did with a good friend. We have it printed in limited quantity and decided to do a small site and sell it online to worldwide design enthusiasts.

    Because it’s a small project between two of us, we do not have a business entity as a front, other than named our collaboration.

    We’ve shipped out 550 decks so far.

    To answer some of your concerns following your order,
    – The domain is registered via mediatemple as alternate domain to my site. I don’t know who is their registrar.
    – Because we do not have a physical business entity registered.
    – Because we are selling the 4 cards housed in a custom designed package. That’s what the price is for.
    – It’s in the “Please take a moment to read these” link at the “Buy” section.
    – Yes, we are based in Singapore. (I just relocated to SF for work though).

    I hope these address your concerns. :)
    But the issues you raised are valuable feedback to us for our future projects.

    Thank you.