Virtual Water Posters


Timm Kekeritz, a Berlin based design student, designed a poster called “Virtual Water“, which illustrates the amount of water used to produce everyday products. The posters visualize parts of research data from a recent study of the UNESCO. Wonderful.

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  1. That’s really beautiful. I think it would have been interesting commentary if he slipped in how much water it took to make the poster.

  2. That’s fantastic. It’s ‘simple’ things like this that can really impact on people’s consciences & spark those little seeds of change.

  3. »320 litres of water were used to produce the paper this poster (DIN A0) ist printed on« This phrace is stated out in the upper right corner of the poster… This doesn’t integrate the color and the printing process, but it gives a rough idea…

  4. Very cool Timm, thanks!