stocking stuffers


My lastest post over on nesting is a list of 12 kids stocking stuffers that caught my eye:

01. set of 3 bubble bags, $6
02. poo poing snowman, $5.99
03. heidi hairclips from haba, two for $3.99
04. bananagram, $16
05. monster socks, $8
06. two tiny stencils, $7
07. critter luggage tags, $2.99 each
08. snowman in a box, $12.95
09. toothfairy pillow, $21
10.52 alternatives to tv cards $6.95
11. karlos cook bear mitts  from haba, $15.99
12. boo boo gel packs, $2.99 each

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  1. Thumbs DOWN for the tooth fairy pillow.
    Reminds me of the bad dreams I had of my brother tying my tooth to the door knob with a veeeeeeeery long thin string.
    That pillow is enough to send me to therapy.

  2. Thanks for the stocking stuffer ideas swissmiss! I featured your list along with a few of my other favorite holiday gift guides in today’s GoodFather Friday post.

    Have a great weekend,
    The GoodFather