in love with ffffound.


I am completely in love with ffffound. A quick visit fills you up with tons of visual stimuli. (I gave all my invites away already, sorry)

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  1. true! I got my invite yesterday, and it’s lately becoming my lack of inspiration’s fulfill!! good concept for networking, specially for creative people.

  2. I’m hooked. Thanks for the link

  3. I’m totally addicted to it too.. You get to curate your own gallery.. no words.. just images upon images. What could be better?

  4. Aw man, i’ve wanted an invite for quite some time. Or at least for them to open up their beta ]:

  5. Can I have a link to the bicycle perhaps?

  6. they are in closed beta. how does one get an invite? would LOVE one… need some inspiration… :)

  7. what a great site!

  8. Does anybody has still an account for me ?

    friidis.g AT googlemail DOT com

    It would be very nice!

  9. Funny, I set up my own site to keep track of stuff I found online – basically what ffffound is for!

  10. I LOVE FFFFOUND for a LONG time!!!!

    Who can please give me an invite?
    THANKS SO MUCH!!! ^^

  11. could anyone send me an invite? elyess at g mail dot com.

  12. Please let me in!

  13. Oh, I forgot SharkyD @