I vividly remember the morning in 1999, when (my at the time boss, now friend) Matthew Waldman came into the office and showed us his very first sketches for what is now known all over the blogsphere as NOOKA. His ever growing collection of watches and the amount of buzz he’s getting is impressive. I am very happy for you Matthew! By the way, this is a GREAT gift for the designy father/brother/husband/boyfriend…

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  1. I too remember that day… it was quite exciting to see the sketches, hear the concepts, know of the production… we were there at the start Tina! :) It’s trippy when I see people wearing them or have friends that talk about them… Always fun to tell the story of how they came to be and the look on their faces when they know you know the creator

  2. that’s crazy, I didn’t realize those were made by matthew waldman! i took one of his studio classes when he taught at parsons, and he took us to see his company at work. so i guess there’s not 6 degrees of separation between us but really just one. although i’m not sure he remembers me…

  3. I love these watches. I have to try and hint to my wife that I want one.

  4. yes, my saying! very cool people, superb watches! :)

  5. the are beautiful watches, just a bit too big for women. they need to come out with smaller sizes and i would be the first to buy one