Use Mouseposé for presentations of complex interfaces!


If you give Macintosh training presentations, demos or design presentations of complex interfaces, give Mouseposé ($14.95) a try. Your audience will appreciate it. With Mouseposé installed, press your defined hotkey, and it dims the screen and puts a spotlight around your mouse pointer, easily guiding the audience’s attention to an area of interest. Very useful when you are trying to point out a small-but-important detail on a large projection screen. BRILLIANT!!

Mouseposé 2 from Boinx Software

(via creative techs)

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  1. See also “OmniDazzle” by Omni Group, also $15, which has some nice mouse effects for presentations. AFAIK it doesn’t do keystroke/click visualization, though.

  2. There is also “Mouse Locator” which is free at