2008 publikum calendar


Publikum Calendar emerged fifteen years ago amidst the turmoil and war in Serbia. Co-founded by George Mill and Nada Ray, it has grown into an international collaborative publication, publishing works by Serbian and international artists, most notably Paula Scher, Mirko Ilic, Oliviero Toscani, Marina Abramovic, David Byrne, Barbara Kruger, Tadanori Yoko, Slavimir Stojanovic, Karlssonwilker, Andrea Dezso, and more.

The 2008 Publikum Calendar designed by Sean Adams features works by 12 international graphic artists from Asia, Africa, Europe and America. It is a multi-disciplinary project consisting of a wall calendar, a book, a video documentary, and lecture series and exhibitions. 2008 Publikum Calendar exhibition at AIGA National Design Center is at public view from December ’07- February 22, ’08.

On February 22, at the exhibition closing reception, lovely Debbie Millman, the 2008 Publikum Calendar curator, will moderate a talk with Chip Kidd, Luba Lukova, Matteo Bologna (designers featured in 2008 edition) and George Mill & Nada Ray (Publikum Calendar founders).

Location: AIGA National Design Center, New York, 6-7:30pm, 02/22/08
AIGA, 164 Fifth Ave, New York

View a five-minute video documentary about the 2008 Publikum Calendar with Sean Adams, Debbie Millman, Chip Kidd:

More info on: www.publikumcalendar.com and www.thebraindesign.com

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  1. What a great collaboration. I really like this years theme. I may just have to order one. Thanks swissmiss

  2. First comment… your blog has brought amazing visual inspiration to me and my wife. We’re soon-to-be farmers and aim to bring awesome design to our farming business and to spread the idea that working the land is not drudgery (if you do it right). [/soapbox]

    Second comment… I can’t find anywhere to buy the Publikum calendar. Hints?