barbouille blackboard


Our little Ella would go completely gaga over this: Barbouille Blackboard. (Don’t know who Barbouille is, go here!)

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  1. clever! or, perhaps one could paint something similar directly on the wall with chalkboard paint.. :)

  2. Wie kommt es bloss, dass Du immer mal wieder etwas bloggst, das schon in unserer Wohnung hängt oder steht?
    Obwohl… kids stuff… Kids gibt’s doch gar keine in unserem Haushalt?!

  3. haha.. i love Barbapapa. i used to watch it when i was a little kid

  4. Oh my gosh, I HAD completely forgotten about them! I used to love that show, though I saw it en Francais!

  5. Barbatinta (here in Brasil) was (still is) my fav! He was 1st my role model. =)

  6. oh my.
    i loved barbapapa as a child.
    this is really wonderful.

  7. Ohje, das Grauen ist zurück gekehrt :)