CYBEX i.GO | carry your baby in a horizontal position


Now this baby carrier had me look: The Cybex I.GO let’s you carry your baby in a horizontal postion during the first four months, which is what most european pediatricians recommend. Afterwards, parents can transport their child in the I-GO in a vertical position up to an age of approximately 1 year – while baby is either facing the parent or later enjoying a free view ahead.

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  1. Sounds like a great design indeed.

    And that’s one hot mama ;)

  2. That mother sure got her figure back quickly after giving birth…
    Classy outfit, too! :)

  3. Chris: Correct. Good observation ;)

    But, wait, do ads sometimes lie??

  4. is it just me, or that thing puts all the strain on the neck of the “mum”?

  5. Actually, people have been carrying their babies horizonally in slings for a very long time now, without all the crazy-looking padding.

    All the weight is on that mum’s back and shoulders. And the pic totally looks comped together.

  6. I agree with Anny, slings are way better… Especially those of Rosa Pomar!

  7. Now, WHY oh why, show the product with a fantastic well tone woman that obviously had NOT had the baby? Nonsense.

  8. That’s a really crappy visualisation – couldn’t they just get a baby and a model together? Looks uncomfortable!

  9. I prefer wraps. I sometimes think I wouldn’t be around, let alone my two little ones, without my original Didymos cloth.

    Plus the legs don’t seem to be too well supported in this one.

  10. I wish I looked like that, after having given birth.

  11. Looks like this design is based on a neck brace. No thanks, I’ll stick with a sling for my baby…

  12. love the orange, and the abs, :) but i agree with those who are sticking with slings. this piece of equipment looks like something used after an injury. i think it would be hard to wear a jacket or sweater with it, and definitely impossible to breastfeed while wearing it. . .

  13. You should see it from the back and from the side too! Very comfortable and safe both for the baby and for the carrier. If you have the chance to see one and try it on… you will change your mind!

  14. Where I can buy the cybex baby carrier in the United States? Can some one please help me find it here?

  15. Hi love it ,where can I purchase this please . I’m a full time wheelchair user this would be perfect . Thank you