draft dodger


Ditch that cumbersome long scarf and get yourself a Draft Dodger, the perfect accessory to wear with a favorite wooly coat and a striking addition to any ensemble, indoor or out. Each Draft Dodger is one of a kind, handmade with the Blue Sky alpaca and adorned with a vintage button. Order on etsy or if you would like to order a specific color you can visit orchardstreetgoods.com

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  1. how have i missed this? am crawling out from under my rock.. your blog is amazing. i love your taste and all the funky finds i haven’t seen anywhere else. will be back for more.

  2. i love the idea of all these neck wraps i’ve been seeing this winter. what a great switch from scarves. not to mention how easy it would be to whip one up on a weekend!

  3. çok güzel..so beutiful