drink selector mug


This is an office essential! Tired of telling people how you like your tea or coffee? Twist rings to reveal your choice of drink and your milk and sugar preferences! Perfect if you work in a call centre or are always on the phone… No conversation necessary.A great way to tell the barrista in you favourite coffee shop how you want your drink. Drink Selector Mug

(via 71grados)

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  1. Good idea, though a little over-complicated in its solution. It would be simpler to print your desired ‘specs’ on a mug — a permanent marker would probably even last several washes.

    Of course, bigger picture, this seems to rather underline the lack of consideration and manners that people have for each other. If you can’t even vocalise your order me order, I’m not getting your coffee. :-)

  2. Good idea. But actually I don’t agree with it. As you say, “No conversation necessary”.
    Stop socializing. Just let peoples now what you want and let them serve you without a thank you or a smile.

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