gossip bubble jewelry


Ok, so this is one of these cases where the name of a product could keep me from buying. Gossip Bubble is a really cute/simple pendant, but the name is completely killing it. (Who wants to wear gossip around their neck?) But, I do like the design.

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  1. Reminds me of this shirt, which the ACLU gave out at a screening of “This Film Has Not Been Rated”.


  2. i agree with you on the name of the product but don’t let that take away from the design!

  3. Hi, I’m the designer and I am wondering if I should change the name? Originally I was going to call it a talk bubble. But living so close to LA and hearing everything celebrity in replace of real news 24/7. I thought let’s have some fun with this. The intent really was to be playful… I didn’t think about the negative aspect until now. What do you think about going back to talk bubble? Laurie

  4. Isn’t it usually called a dialogue balloon? That’s a generic term in comics.