oilcloth lunch bags


oilcloth lunch bags

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  1. Oh good god. Each one better than the next.

    I’m a bit of an oilcloth addict – Cath Kidston for when I’m feeling decadent, and the meagre selection at the upholstery shop down the road when I’m jonesing.

    The bad news is that red spills like ketchup, marinara sauce and red wine stain it like the dickens.

    My kitchen table now has to have an artfully arranged contrasting dishcloth or cake tray over the (now slightly faded) stains if I still want to use the oilcloth table cover.

    i want to pack a lunch in one of these!

  3. If you like oilcloth, check out Mary Jane Bags (http://maryjanebags.com/default.aspx). I love their cosmetic bags…if there is some sort of makeup mishap, it doesn’t spill into my purse.