do you like candles?


In March of 2007, Holly Eve, (an elementary school teacher for twenty-five years) was inspired to start her own line of candles. The inspiration was so intense she retired five years ahead of schedule and pursued her dream of designing her own candles. Holly definitely had a calling. Her creations are beautiful. Check them out here

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  1. I love them! But they’re pretty pricy. Maybe, when I make my millions… either way, it’s bookmarked!

  2. Hello, my name is Holly Eve. I am the owner of black & light co. This message to is the person who believes our candles are pricy. You don’t have to wait until you make your first million. I would like to send you a candle, compliments of me. Please call 877 280 9103 ext. 103. Let me know what candle you would like and I will see that you get it. It makes me happy that you love black & light candles! Thanks!

  3. Oh Holly Eve! You have made my day!! I’ll be calling you tomorrow soon as I get off work :D Thanks so much!

  4. black and light candles are WONDERFUL!
    They’re unscented, burn a long long long time, are well made/well designed and they have that amazing inner glow. I don’t know how they do it but that glow is really something. You don’t expect it-Quelle suprise!

    I think the “love’ candle makes a perfect anniversary gift!

    Thanks, Holly Eve.