magic eraser


Mr.Clean’s Magic Eraser deserves a cleaning product Oscar. I just let the magic do its trick in our apartment: gone is the tomato sauce on the wall next to the kitchen, gone are the stroller marks at the entrance wall and gone are Ella’s drawings on her bedroom wall. Yay to the Magic Eraser!

Magic Eraser | $5.71 at

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  1. omg! I love this product!!Someone even asked me if I painted my walls..

  2. does anyone know what’s in the magic eraser that makes it so magical?

  3. it is AMAZING- BUT don’t get over excited with it. it is an abrasive so if your cleaning a plastic, or metal it can leave swirls- Truth be told i buffed scratches out of my car with it (but still the swirls!)

  4. the only thing that removes those pesky macbook stains

  5. Does wonders on chrome wheels. It’s been a secret of auto details for years. It is a miracle product. Brutal on removing, but ironically gentle. Weird.

  6. From fingerprints to pencil on desk, its power knows no bound. But will it give me cancer?

  7. Why do you think Mr. Clean is bald? Chemo.

  8. I love these so much! The ONLY thing that has kept me from blogging about them (and waxing poetic in the process, no doubt) is the sure knowledge that my soc-professor mother would accuse me of losing my feminist chops.

  9. These things changed my life, seriously. LOVE THEM.

    Oh, and FYI, the Target branded version (simply called “Eraser”), is just as good and costs about half of the real thing.

  10. Yes! That’s what I’ve been trying to tell everyone. This thing really may be magical. It almost effortlessly wipes away stuff that even Scotchbrite can’t get. First time I used it I ended up running around the house to see what, if anything, it *couldn’t* clean.

  11. i love them too!
    use the target copies, they’re cheaper :)

    they take the yuck off pot bottoms like magic

  12. contains formaldehyde

  13. kristian, actually, it doesn’t contain formaldehyde. this was an internet rumor. here is the ACTUAL information on what it is…

    anyway, i too love the hell out of it. i dye yarn and fiber and i usually have to let bleach sit on all of the surfaces that i manage to stain and somehow, a damp magic sponge takes dye right up. it also cleans up my black hair dye, and…here is the kicker! i just blogged about how i use it to remove the gross callouses from my feet! i wouldn’t recommend using it on normal skin, but really hard stuff that you have to use cheez grater like utensils and the scrape gross channels into the skin, i use a damp magic sponge and put my soap on it and scrub away in the shower and it is all perfectly smooth and nice. oooh lala! i swear, i should market it that way.