“The Nubrella is worn with a harness, and closes around its user like a clear, private cocoon, guaranteed never to turn inside out.”

(via spoon tamago)

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  1. You may look a tiny bit unsocial but it is definitely cute.

  2. I think it looks ridiculous! For $49.99, it’s definitely not worth buying. Wouldn’t a sleek looking raincoat be more functional?

  3. what a stupid product. i’m so sorry that its been someones job to bring this to market.

    “oh hang on its raining.. let me assemble my igloo that i carry round with me all the time in this golf buggy, and strap it to my body.. dont be alamred this is normal, only takes several minuets and i can do it really charaismaticaly…. whats that sorry? oh no it was a bargin.. only $50!! and once i get this on i wont be able to talk to you, so i’ll just see you at home ok? you can call me tho cos i dont need my hands.. oh, but you have a normal umbrealla wont be able to talk.. i could use my spare hand to reach up under your umbrealla and hold your phone to your ear! oh, hang it.. i’ll just come under yours and push my golf buggy home.

  4. whoa, so many haters!

    i love this idea. i’m sure if you have a car and don’t have to walk very far, it wouldn’t be worth the trouble. but when you walk miles around the city every day and umbrellas always fly inside out, this would be amazing!!!

    i would totally look like a dork to stay dry and cozy. xo

  5. I don’t hate it, but I do see a flaw. The beauty of an umbrella is that it is a canopy, like the awning of a store it doenst just keep your head dry but your whole body (besides shoes and splash) This pod would allow the rain to cling and roll down it, any clothes you are wearing below its limits would get soaked, so you would have to wear a rain jacket anyway

    Umbrella on a hat tho, brilliant!

  6. I think it’s a brilliant idea for people who do alot of walking or get around on a bike in the city. I also thought it would be good for standing out in the rain with my dog while he potty’s , However its not very practical if ur just running to your car. I wod totally use one. :)

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