Rice & Feed Laundry Bag & Wastebasket


“If your eyes like it, your heart will love it,” says the designer of these bags, who employs disabled and disadvantaged villagers in Cambodia to handcraft each colorful piece.

Rice & Feed Laundry Bag & Wastebasket

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  1. The wastebasket looks like it would be a nice recycling bag too. I still use paper bags as an intermediate between the bins (which wouldn’t fit under the sink). A flexible basket would make for a space saving alternative to the recycling bin!

  2. I love these. A friend once made me a purse out of those decorated canvas bags rice come in, they kind of remind me of these. Great find, as always.

  3. I’ve been in January to shops in Camobodia selling these bags (and purses, wallets, etc.) and they are beautiful. Unfortunately they didn’t have this laundry bag. But we bought another one, a toilet bag.