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Architect Diana Kellogg and writer-director Neil Burger have created the ultimate play/work space for their kids, Lukas and Clara in their Tribeca apartment that was once a cold-storage warehouse. A room where gymnastics and homework is possible? Genius.

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  1. well, concerning my tiny parisian flat, every corner is a potentiel gymnastic and work place for the kids: you can work on the sofa and dance on the table ! But of course make this mess looking like in order and peaceful it is genius ! A big flat ? Sens of pedagogy or just…a picture ?
    Who knows…

  2. I simply love this.

  3. oh, i loved this home, too. what a kitchen they have! and this room was fantastic as well.

  4. I love the play equipment for the kids, but I wonder if anyone can get work done with the kiddies playing there? I guess it is good for keeping an eye on them while you work.

  5. This is handy when you live in an appartment. Luckly I grow up with a garden to play in.

  6. The only thing that would drive me crazy is having my back to the play area while sitting at the desk. I’d be turning around every 30 seconds to make sure someone wasn’t stuck on a rope.