handsfree umbrella


Hands-Free Umbrella, Ryo Masaki, 2005 (why does she have her hand up there at the handle if it is supposed to be hands-free?)

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  1. I guess it just feels kind of uncomfortable to have a umbrella which you don’t hold, you feel compulsed to grab at it. But for a staged photo you would have thought she would not be holding it, yeah.

  2. the umbrella may be hands-free, but the bag is not. i guess :)

  3. I gather her hand is there to keep it from sliding off. It doesn’t look secure by any means.

  4. Gees, she’s pointing to it, she isn’t grabbing it. And there isn’t a bag anywhere, so who where you got that from. This is the most awesome arms free umbrella ever invented. Katabrella.com