MagCloud and the Future of Magazine Publishing


Derek Powazek: “For the last year, I’ve been working on a project with HP Labs called MagCloud. The idea is simple, really. MagCloud enables anyone to start a magazine — real, live printed magazine — with no giant pile.” Wonderful idea, I wish the ‘overal browsing/preview experience’ was better though. issuu does a far more sophisticated job. Can’t wait to see the print quality of one of these…

(via xblog)

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  1. Funny, I was just looking through this as well. Seems like a great idea and requested an invite. Not to dig up dirt but this is certainly a big blow JPG. Point Powazek.

  2. yah – cool stuff! but i’m still waiting till my invite gets accepted. :(

  3. Do you mean issuu does the preview experience better? Because they don’t print mags for you, which is what magcloud does…

  4. Yes, sorry if I was cryptic in my post. Issuu’s viewing functionality of the magazines is amazing. I wish MagClouds preview was better.

  5. Just wondering if you’ve been able to see a printed piece from MagCloud since your original post. I’d love to know/see how the print quality looks.

    I also read on their blog that they’re looking to incorporate perfect binding sometime this year.