Plainview – a fabulous fullscreen browser


Plainview is a fullscreen browser without any Chrome at all specially made for presentations. As Rick explains in the blog post about it, “How many times had we done presentations where we just wanted to show our work in a browser – screw powerpoint – but couldn’t do it because it would look lame with all that browser chrome? How many pointless Powerpoint presentations have we made of Quicktime movies of our sites, just so we could show them in full screen and look slick?”

The above is a screenshot of swissmiss fullscreen. I have discovered a whole new browser-window-less surfing pleasure. Wheee! Get Plainview.

(via noahbrier)

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  1. Firefox 3 does full screen browsing beautifully without changing any settings. Just press F11 (Windows). I prefer it because then there’s no need for an extra program. Firefox 3 is almost finished, I recommend checking out the latest release at:

    But I just found out it doesn’t do full screen on mac. What the heck?

  2. Windows IE users have had this since early versions of IE – this was my preferred way of browsing until I switched to Ubuntu and OSX. If too bad this doesn’t use the new page zoom in Firefox 3.

  3. Yeah, I should have mentioned that – there are good options on the PC, but not the mac. That’s why we only made a mac one.

    Thanks for the post!

  4. Personally I think webpages should be presented the way as they are seen by the user, in a webbrowser.
    Like it or not it is part of the design.
    How many people browse in fullscreen mode?

  5. Agreed with Khamis, firefox already has this as a handy feature.. plus I’m running a Safari skin on mine because I prefer the apple aesthetic.

  6. The Opera browser has been doing this for years, it’s great to browser without the clutter of toolbars and other OS panels.

  7. I drink your browser!

  8. Firefox 3? Firefox 2 can do this just as well….just turn the toolbar off……looks great indeed…..though not many would think to browse in that mode


  9. Didn’t IE5 for mac have this feature?

  10. Among all browsers I have (as a webdev) – only Safari did not react on F11. Operas, IEs, FireFoxes – all gave me fullscreen. Sorry, Safari-users. ;]

  11. Hey, don’t tell me you don’t know about opera, msie and firefox hugging fullscreen functionality?

    Btw. MAC only? Sure, I’ll tug my mac to my client’s place… ;)