Playhouse is intended to stimulate creativity in young minds. The idea is for children to use a few basic components to construct new urban and rural landscapes. Two stylised forms, the red cottage and grey skyscraper function as a framework for the buildings with the sound-absorbent mat acting as a soft foundation of green lawns and grey roads.

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  1. Why is it so expensive?!


    This is a game I developed. Hope you can take a look and see what you think. It relates to your post.
    “Play shouldn’t always be “comfortable”; fun always involves overcoming limitations—breaking rules, exploring the unknown, trusting intuitions, and learning new languages. Instead of giving kids a complete set of “rules,” this set of cards offers actions, objects, and people, and encourages them to build their own interactions. And instead of giving kids a “safe” set of options, the cards include potentially dangerous objects and actions to encourage adults to be actively present.” Illustrations by Kelvin Chiang and MaryAnn Jiménez.

  3. The only difference between this and a few cardboard boxes and some crayons is 3,000 dollars. Pardon my language, but I can’t think of a better way to put this: Anyone who buys this product is an asshole.

  4. Indeed, it is sad that some people would actually buy this. Bleh.

  5. I think it would take a very intelligent creative child to find this fun, the houses are fun, but the map like surface they go on is very dull. You could have the same fun with monopoly, just let them play with their own rules.

    Personally I think these kind of rugs: Are more fun, I know they often look a bit tacky, but perhaps someone could design a modern one with nice graphics.