Rocket Pop Molds


What’s cooler than a rocket pop? Nothing, right? Well, almost. The only thing cooler than rocket pop is a HOME MADE rocket pop! And now you can make them using these Rocket Pop Molds. I must order.

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  1. Hmmm. When I was a kid, these were called bomb pops! Maybe rockets are less threatening?

  2. tsk, tsk. you could have gotten some at migros, made by … um, forgot the company name, but made in ch! ok, so they don’t look like rockets, but, dude … swiss made!

  3. i’m going to buy these today! i want to make some of these:

    xo joanna

  4. We have these and use them often. They do indeed rock, and they are so much fun to make and eat! Use different colored juices, or add a few drops of food coloring to apple juice, orange juice, etc. to make different colored “rockets” which can be flown all around. ;)

  5. yes yes, you must. The girls LOVE these. We just juice our oranges or leftover watermelon juice and voila! Instant frozen treats.