snoopy to the rescue?


Getting our little 2 year old Ella to brush her teeth is sometimes an impossible task. I wonder if good old Snoopy might help? What ‘props’ did you use to get your kid into fully embracing the brushing-teeth ritual?

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  1. I actually *had* this when I was a child! ~I loved it!

  2. I brush my little guys teeth twice a day. Even Miles, who is 7. And floss them at night. Takes forever. But I think it’s the only way…

    Electric toothbrushes helped though – with NiMH batteries, so we didn’t burn through them…


  3. I sing a tooth brushing song I made up while I do it to make it more fun. :D

  4. I’m not sure how effective it is…. but my sister’s kids have the coolest toothbrushes in the world – they play a song (Transformers theme and such) to encourage them to actually brush their teeth… and for an appropriate length of time.

  5. Oh my! I had one of these as well…

  6. Just brush your teeth at the same time, eventually they’ll pick up on it, I even encouraged my 2 year old to brush my teeth which he thought was great fun

  7. i didn’t need gadgets at all! my dad had false teeth and he told us that he got them ‘cos all his teeth fell out because he never brushed his teeth as a kid. i brushed my teeth twice a day just so my teeth didn’t fall out and i’d have to get false teeth. then i realised 2 years ago that i’d been tricked! worked though :)

  8. My sister brush her teeth with her son. This way, the little boy thinks it’s such a grown-up thing to do & he wants to do it everyday with his mum. Not sure if that will work for every kid, but sure no extra bucks spent. Fancy kids toothpaste helps too!

  9. Our two year old likes to brush her teeth because she sees it as a big kid kind of thing to do. So we let her brush her own teeth first, with a real brush, then we come in and finish it up with one of those brushes that fits on the end of your finger.

  10. That is SO cute. When I was little I was really into sparkles. Luckily, both Crest and Colgate had glittery toothpastes for kids. The Colgate one came out in the shape of a star. My toothbrush was a brightly colored clear plastic one with silver sparkles in it too. I definitely looked forward to brushing my teeth when that happened!