call someone and go directly to their voicemail.

Ever have to call someone back who you really weren’t prepared to talk to? Slydial allows you to bypass their phone and go directly to their voicemail, leaving the onus on them to call you back. Brilliant.

Noah gave it a try and it worked, you’ve got to listen to a quick advertisement in the middle, but they did connect him direct to voicemail. Apparently you can either sign up as a member or pay 15 cents to skip it.

(via noahbrier)

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  1. omg, this would change my life. i always wish for voicemail, especially for scary phone calls!

  2. YouMail also offers this functionality. It’s a great voicemail service IMHO.

    Check it out at

    As well as this option it will also turn the voicemail into text using speech recognition and send you a text message. Useful for those busy days when you don’t have time to check every single voicemail.

  3. This idea of wishing for the voicemail was part of a Seinfeld monologue in one of the first seasons. It’s a really interesting thing, and I wonder how they do it. I don’t even understand how phone calls work.