cool new kids bedding at IKEA


Love the Barnslig Park kids Quilt cover and pillowcase that’s new at IKEA.

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  1. is it wrong to buy kids bedding before one even has kids?

  2. Is there a way to buy this if you do not live near an ikea store?
    It seems like they do no online shopping. Karen

  3. I would love to purchase the Barnslig Park bedding for my grandchild but do not live near an Ikea store.

    Is there any other way to purchase it?

    It was not available online.


  4. is it rlly a quilt??? because im having trouble finding a duvet cover and i realy like this one,,,, my moms getting mad cause i cant find one xD

  5. Do you know if this quilt is still available at IKEA?