dear adobe…


Dear Adobe is a new site devoted to rants & raves directed to the Big Red A. Two requests I just entered:

“I want to be able to duplicate a layer/folder within photoshop without then having to delete the word ‘copy’ in the new layer.”

“I want to be able to drop a layer into a folder and see it land on the top and not on the bottom of all the layers within that folder.”

If you could sit down with an Adobe Developer, what would you ask or point out?

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  1. why can’t i scroll with my mouse wheel in you layer pallets? it’s annoying.

  2. I would need a week. But if all I get is one question — why don’t they follow Apple’s lead beginning with their version of Apple Care for starters?

  3. In photoshop, you can have the text tool selected, highlight the font name in the top tool bar and scroll through different font selections and preview each font with what you have already designed.

    I wish you could do that with illustrator.

  4. Hah this is perfect. I agree with all of these…these subtle annoyances.

  5. 1. Make all ‘Customise Keyboard Shortcut’ dialog windows the same. (Photoshop’s is best)

    2. Sort out the Hide issues — does OS X have priority or do the apps?

    3. Scrubby sliders in InDesign

    4. Escape key should bring you back to the move tool in every app, not just InDesign.

    5. The [obvious] problems with Updated and Acrobat. Maybe introduce ‘service packs’ instead of the constant updates.

    6. Faster load times all around.

    7. Faster quit times. Should be fucking instant!

    8. Customisable Keyboard Shortcuts for Bridge.

    … and on and on and on.

  6. I just want to be able to have more than one page in a document in Illustrator. Is that so hard?

  7. Actually, Susie, you can do that. Email me and I’ll tell you how.

  8. You hit 2 of my 5 biggest gripes right on!

  9. i swear i come up wit a few different things everyday for this, i need to start remembering them.

    Nick Giusto – you can scroll in layer pallets. At least I can with mine, do you have all your mouse drivers installed. I would be super pissed if i couldn’t scroll in layers.

    Prescott Perez Fox- I’m wondering how to do this too, want to just post it in here for all to see?

  10. Ooo definitely multiple pages in Illustrator. These should be straightforward and standard, not requiring hacks. Also why o why can’t I adjust the radius of a rounded rectangle once I’ve drawn it in Illustrator? And what on earth is InDesign doing for the 5 minutes it takes to quit?

  11. I don’t think the multiple pages in illustrator are needed. Why? Because illustrator is not a layout program that is why Adobe has InDesign.

    However there is a way around this.

    Go to View > Turn on Page Tiling

    That is the first “page” of the illustrator document. Everything on the outside of this will become multiple pages. Taking on the same width and height as the page tiling.

    To see it in full action go to you Print options box.

    Go to Setup. In the the drop down you will see a box that says Single Full Page. Change this to Tile Full Pages or Tile Imageable Areas. Adjust the artwork accordingly.

    Presto Multiple Pages in Illustrator.

  12. Ed’s technique is the one I use as well, but let me clarify a bit:

    First, you’ll have to calculate how many pages you want and then do some math. So if you want three 8.5×11 pages, make your document 25.5×11 (this will create three pages side-by-side).

    Then go to File>Print

    In the General section, under Media, choose 8.5×11 paper, portrait orientation – as you’d want it to print.

    Then head to the Setup section, and under Tiling select “Tile Full Pages”, with no overlaps.

    Click the “Done” button (not “Print”) and go back to your doc. Remember to Save and the settings should stick. When you’re ready to print, just do as you normally would.

  13. Besides nodding my head with everything so far…

    I would really really like to be able to use the “save as” without PS adding “copy” to the end of the file name. I already know “thisismyfile.jpg” is a copy, I don’t need PS to tell me “thisismyfile copy.jpg”!

    hmm…and maybe a grammer check in a new PS version? ;)

  14. Joshua … i have the all drivers installed and can scroll everywhere except in adobe layer/pages palettes. what type of mouse do you use?

  15. Thanks Prescott Perez-Fox! I’ll have to give that a try. I realize that’s not what Illustrator is for but if I’m doing a bunch of promotional stuff and I need several variations of one design, it’s easy to have it all in one as several different pagers instead of lots of diffferent docs.

    And the graphic editing options in InDesign are just…lacking. If only Illustrator and InDesign would mate and make a perfect baby program…

  16. I would like InDesign to have rotatable guidelines, like Illustrator does.

    I would like Illustrator to have a “step and repeat” option, like InDesign does.

  17. nick – right now i’m using a microsoft 5 button intellimouse, but it works with both my wireless mighty mouse here at home and with my regular mighty mouse at work. All of them scroll in the layers palettes.

    for the multiple pages thing, i thought you guys might know a better way, i’ve done that before, PITA.

    Susie, you could make them all different layers, so each one is on the same page but in different layers. Not the best way, but it works. Had a guy i worked with do that, for the longest time couldn’t find the rest of his stuff until i realized it was on a hidden layer. I would suggest just doing it in indesign if you can.

  18. You hit the spot—I hate that Adobe adds “copy” to each new duplicated layer. It clutters up my layers when I have a lot.

    One method to replicate the “step and repeat” feature is to do a transformation in Illustrator, and follow up by hitting CMD+D as many times as you wish. Not perfect, but does a great job at simple things.

  19. added:
    I would like “Show Find Field” to be the default when bringing up a color swatch (Pantone) library.