donate your old cameras or printers!


A friend of mine, Carrie Olshan, a teacher at I.S 52 in Inwood NYC, is starting a photography workshop and is asking for donations of any old digital cameras, printers, photo paper, etc. Don’t we all have an old camera sitting in a box somewhere? Email me if you have something to donate and I’ll put you in touch with Carrie. Hey, it’s a tax write-off!

(image by Matt Desmond)

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  1. Even really bad digital cameras? If so, I have one that I never use and I would donate!

  2. Are old film cameras allowed? Your post only said digital but just making sure.

  3. I’ll take old film cameras if he doesn’t need them ;) A lot of people think old stuff are not as good as modern, but the optics have actually not improved that much (just a bit). It’s mostly other things, like functions, image stabilisation and auto focus etc. There’s somewhat of a movement for the use of old cameras and lenses, many of them have groups on flickr. No wonder, when you can buy a supernice Carl Zeiss-lens for $15 if your looking in the right place ;)

  4. id like to donate some photograpnic paper, just need to know where to send it

  5. Hi I have several old cameras, one is digital and the others are film. I would love to donate them please let me know what to do. trying to reduce my carbon footprint!

  6. Let me know if she might be interested in an old Nikon EM film camera and an old JVC video camera. Both work.

  7. Is anyone still looking for film cameras?? I have a Nikon 8006 film camera

  8. I have a film cameras and lenses and a few(Nikon)and Minolta AF bodies etc that I would like to donate if anyone wants them…B&H is paying so little I would rather give them away to people that have a passion and interest in film photography…please advise