In Switzerland, even gangsters try to be efficient and civilized.

Peter’s wallet was stolen in Switzerland. Three days later, he received an e-mail from a local postmaster. The Post Office found his wallet in an official yellow Swiss mailbox. All the cash was gone, obviously. But his ID cards, credit cards and even old receipts were still there, completely untouched. “Thieves do this very often”, the postmaster told him. “They take the money and throw the wallet in the next mailbox.”

Swiss Gangsters

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  1. thats funny and kind of charming in a criminal sort of way.

  2. You know? They also do it in chaotic Italy, at least where I live it has happened many times (north-eastern part)
    Nice to hear this.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  3. our thieves could learn a thing or two. if i were robbed, i would be happy to write off $20 – $100 in exchange for not having to call all the credit card companies, go get a new driver’s license, insurance cards, etc, etc.

    still prefer not to be robbed, however…

  4. Oh, here they just toss it on the street. My cousing found her handbag in someone’s garden after a while it was stolen. It was a bit muddy though.

  5. That is very sweet of them…

  6. Even if they return your credit card it doesn’t mean that they haven’t copied the numbers from them. If you don’t cancel the card they might use it later to buy stuff online.