Magna Tiles rock.


Magna Tiles are hands-down the most played with toy in our household. We got them from our lovely friend Kim and little did we know that they’ll provide endless hours of building fun. I was honestly a little shocked when I looked them up to potentially add on to our set, when I saw how pricy they are, but now, I can honestly say, they are worth every single penny. It’s such a fab gift to any 2 year old and up. Make sure to get the Clear ones, it’s fun to see ‘through’ the tiles and see what’s inside.

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  1. Thanks for the post! I have contemplated buying these a hundred times but couldn’t get past the price tag to make the jump. Can you get enough playability out of the smaller sets or do you need more than thirty something to really make anything? That was my main worry, that I’d buy a small set only to find I should have just gotten a larger one to begin with and end up having to buy more. TIA if you get the chance to answer!

  2. for some reason, I thought these were recalled b/c the tiny magnets were coming out???

  3. Yes! We too have discovered these for our 3 year old, and I balked quite a bit when I bought the first set of 32 tiles for his birthday, but once we saw the possibilities and how engaging they were, we purchased set two and three! I think these are timeless…and well worth the investment if you are a careful toy buyer.

  4. I have seen these in use by 1.5 to 3 year olds on a light table — they just can’t seem to get enough. Light adds an extra element of exploration (and inspiration)