Yes, Please. (Ouch, just saw the price, hmmm, maybe not)

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  1. I got one. I loved it until i dropped it and is shattered.

  2. Yeah my friend has one. Loved it – until he dropped it. Broke that (and his relationship from all his whining) in half. As noted by tim – it’s not that sturdy.

    He still went ahead and bought another one though (rich bugger!).

  3. that sounds like a whole lot of shattering. i still want one – silly me.

  4. Gosh that price tag is hefty. But I still want one really bad, trying to jam a rubbery iphone condom-like cover into my pocket just doesn’t work so well.

  5. The price ain’t the problem… (we could chop a tree ourselves) but it’s the anti-nature thing that’s stopping me.

    Hmmm, thinking about it; maybe the price is so high because they plant 100 new trees for every sold phone thingy? (funny idea that could work, if clients would listen to designers.)

  6. I bought one…loved it. Then a month in it cracked from temp changes. I contacted the company, and they asked for pics and I sent it to them.
    Then they refused to answer me again by email, this went on for several months.
    I then called and they refused to take my call, they even hung up on me.
    I would not ever buy from this company…cool product…bad people.

  7. Beautiful product, but not durable, mine cracked in various places after a month of normal use. The on/off button also broke off, so now the cover is useless.

  8. whoa, it looks like it has a lot of problems!