DUKTIG Child’s Coffee/Tea Set from IKEA


Jen beat me to it, in posting about the DUKTIG Child’s Coffee/Tea Set from IKEA. I was so excited to discover this designy tea set last weekend, as I can’t get myself to buy one of those cheesy plasticy pink tea-sets you mostly see. We bought a set and put it to the pretend-play-test right away. While I love the looks of it, I must say that there is a downside of having a ceramic teaset. Whenever Ella drops a cup I crinch and say “Sorry, neighbors” and am afraid it might break and she’d cut herself. But it’s just so darn cute looking! (and yes, I realize it says Recommended for children 8 years and older on their site!)

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  1. It’s sooo darn cute!!!
    Our last Ikea ceramic tea set last 2 and a half days! The pieces that didn’t break I put away until they are older (the girls that is).

  2. Ahhh I love this! Especially the cups and saucers.

  3. How big are the teacups?