Swipe, SkipHop’s new baby wipes case allows you to neatly dispense wipes with just one hand! Oh, we know those desperate moments when there’s a stinky situation in front of you and not enough hands around. Fabulous!

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  1. This is cool. We have that same Skip Hop diaper bag. The funny thing about the picture is that it shows someone using two hands to dispense the wipe. I guess if you pulled down instead of up, it would be possible with one hand?

  2. That was my first reaction, why are there two hands being used when that’s their main selling point?

  3. So decant your wipes from their original plastic container, into another plastic container? Why not just make the original container better rather than manufacturing separate object?

  4. Not decadent at all. I buy my wipes NOT in a plastic container but in a soft plastic packaging.

  5. I haven’t used Swipe yet, but the one-handed feature seems pretty apparent… Slide open, pull wipe out, slide closed. Definitely easier than fumbling in my diaper bag for a ziploc bag full of wipes!

  6. Skip Hop here… Yes! This is a one handed “slide” opening. Our lovely hand model was just using the second hand to turn the wipes case to the camera for “the perfect shot”. We’ll get that photo updated :) Thanks for all of the great comments.

  7. Not decadent. Decadent is buying wipes in a plastic container every time. That’s wasteful. Buying one container and always refilling is much more eco-friendly. I will check this product out.