What’s your internet?


Michael posted Noisy Decent Graphics’ amazing post about his internet.

What’s your internet?

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  1. When does the unfamiliar become the familiar? At some point, all of point number 6 was unfamiliar.

  2. My “Internet” is still called World Wide Web. I know, I am one of the last dinosaurs online using this terminus, but I just cannot help comlaining whenever I see it.

  3. I like #13- good post :)

  4. His internet is Boring (1.) totally unsecure (4.) and very small (7.) ;-)

  5. Why do designers hate Flash? This is like hating television because you disagree with Fox News. Flash can be anything and everything – it presents possibilities that other media cannot fulfill, and it can also be an annoying and intrusive banner ad.
    Most of all it has revolutionized the visual richness of the web, and allowed for an expressiveness and breadth of content that “html text” simply cannot replace – like it or not.
    And as someone else has already pointed-out – the internet outlined here is extremely boring. And yet I’m sure a lot of people will champion this list as somehow a ‘purer’ or ‘better’ web-experience simply because of a latent luddite tendency in those who lack the imagination to produce this rich and immersive content themselves.

  6. The Venn diagram of this list and mine is an overlapped circle.

    Flash has a place and time. Not 6 different ads on a page. FlashBlocker helps, but it’s a shame having to ‘fix’ a browser because of formulaic (and lazy) design, as well as irrelevant advertising. Oh, and 90% of the time it’s intrusive. When it’s good, it’s very very good, but when it’s bad, it’s horrid.

    Unsecure and small? … I’d say personalised and transport-able.