Behind the Candidates


Who exactly are the people behind the McCain and Obama camps? Lindsay Ballant and Ian Boyle researched and profiled the top advisors on foreign policy, national security, energy, health, and economics—as well as the campaign advisors—and presented their findings in a side-by-side info-graphic that, in theory, will serve as a useful resource for anyone interested in what a potential McCain or Obama administration will look like.

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  1. “Tuscaloosa Plumbers for Jesus” McCain Robo Calls…

  2. This is a great concept and layout, but very clearly one-sided. Which is a bummer, because it would be a great behind-the-scenes tool. Oh well.

  3. even just the screengrab you show is an apples and orangutan comparison (not even comparing two fruits)

    graphically nice though

  4. please show me a positive article of or about Rick Davis for example and then i think we can discuss the bias.