Culture Bus: Best.Logo.Ever.


The brilliant Culture Bus logo brings together the letters C and B in a form that resembles a route. Best.Logo.Ever. Hat tip to Kit Hinrichs, Pentagram.

(via subtraction)

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  1. genius!

  2. Once you see the buttocks echo it sorta ruins the whole thing.

  3. Love intelligent ‘don’t-get-it-straight-away’ logos like this….

  4. It reminds me of CPN logo (it’s a gas station)

  5. I don’t know if I’d say best logo ever.

  6. not the best logo ever – i wish I could hear the concept pitch. Whoever sold this must be a brilliant speaker

  7. Um, might be a front-runner for “Best. Logo. Ever” if it was for Bus Culture as the B reads before the C.

    Add a little dotted-line to connote “lanes” and you might have a finished logo.

    Pentagram’s work is always good, but never as good as they and others *think* it is…

  8. Nice logo.
    In Portugal, that is a logo museum look alike this.

    See it and compares.

    It happens :p

  9. My first tough: “It looks like Berardo Collection Logo”.

    You can ask: “Who’s that guy?”

    Answer: He’s just the owner of the largest private contemporary art collection in all world.

  10. Great logo, agreed. I loved this from day one. Interestingly, I was recently judging a pretty big national competition and I was the only one who even remotely liked it. Just goes to show how one person’s “brilliant!” is another person’s “so what?”

    Anyway, I love it and am glad to see it getting some love here.