If Mac is like short skis, PC is like…


Here our metaphor begins to break down. Short skis really don’t work as well at high speeds, for good skiers. But that’s not necessarily true of short-ski computers. Currently, the Macintosh has only limited memory, but that’s more of a financial consideration than a fundamental design problem. There’s no reason the Mac can’t get more powerful without losing its essential character. In fact, the Macintosh uses the power of a high-technology 68000 chip (the same that’s inside many $20,000 computers) to make itself easier. It’s inherently more powerful than the harder-to-use IBM PC, but its power makes things easier, not tougher, for the user. Incidentally, when I told Don Estridge, head of the IBM division that developed the PC, that the Mac was short skis, he thought for a moment, then said: “Yes, but tall people need long skis.”

The Mac On Skis“, by Esther Dyson

(via tallmatters)